‘Randall’ hits the streets…

randall arrivesSo, I’m nearly there. Having been held up by the Royal Cornwall Show, copies of Randall are now sitting in the offices of my publisher, Galley Beggar. See how they throb with the frustration of the unread! Tomorrow, my darlings, tomrrow you shall be read, some of you, or held at least…

Tomorrow, Wednesday 11 June, is when I will finally be getting my hands on them, and when we will be launching the book, aboard the boat-pub Tamesis Dock, on the Albert Embankment (venue chosen for reasons obvious once you’ve read the book).

I’ll be celebrating – and keeping myself busy in anticipation – by partaking in that very modern form of promotion: giving away copies.

For my 12-book galley drop around the city I’ve planned an itinerary that takes me to various ‘points of interest’ associated with the history of the Young British Artists.

Slightly spookily, seeing as I see my book as being essentially contemporaneous, a fair few of these places mark not where something is, but where something was, but is no longer. So, in a sense,  the books I leave will be offerings to the genius of each place, that nurtured something crucial to the development of that cultural moment. The cultural moment moved on, but the genius, the spirit, remains, and I want to honour that.

I’ll be tweeting pictures of the books as I leave them, probably from about 1pm onwards, with information as to where they are – but here, for the curious are the postcodes I shall be visiting. (Click each postcode for a map – perhaps you can guess where they’ll be?)


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