Story and reading: ‘A Prolonged Kiss’

It was great to see this story published in The Lonely Crowd at the end of 2020, in their bumper five-year anniversary issue, no less. It’s a story about the theatre, about acting… grown out of an idea I had years and years ago (about how interesting it would be to watch a play every night, through it’s run, to see how it changes, grows and evolves) and brought to life in 2016, when I saw Jonathan Kent’s production of The Seagull at the National Theatre.

Here is the opening paragraph:

The kiss comes at the end of Act Three, just before the interval. It’s really what the play has been leading up to all along, and its high point. We try hard, but the fourth act is an anti-climax. Which is perhaps the point – new forms, new forms – but still you wish, with all due respect to the author, that it was stronger. 

And here is a link to me reading the five minutes of it for The Lonely Crowd‘s Winter Reading series. Many thanks to John Lavin for publishing it. Do get yourself a copy, here!

And here is a link to a short piece I wrote for The Lonely Crowd‘s website about the writing of the story.

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