Randall: Here’s the painting

Okay. Firstly, where the painting isn’t. People have suggested:

  • Stashed inside the Leaping Horse
  • Behind the Japanese Zen scroll of the circle in the Long Island house.

In fact, the painting is in Moma, behind, or underneath, the Sunshines triptych, which is painted over it. The clues are:

  • that that particular Sunshines is bigger than all the others, and is printed by hand, whereas all the Sunshines have been machine made for decades
  • thematically and formally, it mirrors the Matisse painting hung opposite. “The one with everyone fucking everyone else, in a big circle,” as Vincent describes it, right before he says he knows where it is.
  • that’s where Randall would put it, isn’t it?




  1. John Langley

    I just finished Randall this evening and liked it very much. I was however infuriated by the ending – infuriated with myself, because I was reading on a Kindle, and this is just the sort of thing that Kindles are very bad for. I had the Matisse scene in my mind and would have flipped the pages until I found it. But you can’t fan a Kindle. Thank goodness you published the answer.

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