Randall: Where’s the painting?

My novel, Randall, ends with a riddle. The answer to this riddle is not necessarily supposed to be immediately obvious, but nor is it supposed to be impossible to divine. It’s supposed to be ‘gettable’ with a bit of thought, and perhaps a bit of flicking through the book. (It’s also worth pointing out that the riddle isn’t that important. It’s not like, if you don’t get it, it will spoil the book for you.)

Now, this kind of thing is hard to pull off, and there are plenty of people I’ve spoken with who haven’t got the right answer. In fact, of those that I know of, more people haven’t got it, than have. I don’t consider this their problem; I consider it my problem. I was toying with the number and quality of clues right up until the final edit. So here, if you have read the book and aren’t sure if you’ve guessed the answer correctly, is a clue.

(Obviously, if you haven’t read the book, then you really ought to do so. You can buy it here.)

(And if you have read it, and would like to comment on it, and see what others have said, you can do so here.)

Scroll down…





So, I’m not going to tell you where the painting is. What I’m going to do is give you a clue.

It’s in New York.

It’s not in the studio.

Vincent looked right at it, but he didn’t see it.

Now, take a few moments. Have a think. Flick through the book. And if you really still can’t guess it, or want to know for sure, then click here.



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